As an author of ghost stories, people often ask me if I’ve experienced anything paranormal  in my life, and I have.  I've seen apparitions, seen objects move, heard disembodied footsteps, but I never felt really scared until I chose to leave my corporate dream job as a Director of Training and move at age 39 Into the dorms with 18 year-olds at the Boston Conservatory.  Three years later I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.F.A. in Musical Theater Performance.  

I overcame a lot to make it to the conservatory as I explained in my commencement speech to my fellow graduates.  I hoped my story would provide inspiration for others during times of doubt.

The changes in my life occurred after being inspired by the youth I worked with in Committed Partners for Youth in Portland, Oregon. These young people, faced with huge challenges, never lost sight of their vision for a better life, and they had the guts to make it happen.

After five years with CPY, I sold my beloved horse and said goodbye to family and friends in Portland, Oregon to reinvent myself in New York City.

I sometimes miss my life as a horse owner, but a tango or foxtrot on the dance floor makes my heart forget.  I first tried the Latin dances with wonderful partner, Fred, but now focus on the ballroom dances.

In addition to writing and performing, I am privileged to be a founding member of Taboo Collaborative whose mission is to unite artists committed to challenging personal and societal boundaries with stories designed to inspire and empower the creative spirit.

To augment my artistic endeavors, I offer sales training and am an operations consultant for the talented fashion designer, Jenny Yoo.

My  partner, Igor Gayenko, and I competed at the Maimi Vibe in 2016 in International Standard Pro-Am Ballroom, Bronze Level.  In 12 dances, we received 10 first place ribbons, and 2 second place ribbons.