Manhattan's past whispers for attention amongst the bustle of the city's ever-changing landscape. At Fraunces Tavern, George Washington's emotional farewell luncheon in 1783 echoes in the Long Room. Gertrude Tredwell's ghost appears to visitors at the Merchant's House Museum. Long since deceased, Olive Thomas shows herself to the men of the New Amsterdam Theatre, and Dorothy Parker still keeps her lunch appointment at the Algonquin Hotel. In other places, it is not the paranormal but the abnormal violent acts by gangsters, bombers, and murderers that linger in the city's memory. Some think Jack the Ripper and the Boston Strangler hunted here. The historic images and true stories in Ghosts and Murders of Manhattan bring to life the people and events that shaped this city and raised the consciousness of its residents.

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Ghosts of Manhattan at Manhattan's Most Haunted House: The Merchant House Museum.

Extra! Extra Headline Stories That Captivated New York City from 1830-1870

Occult Beliefs in the 19th Century: A Panel Presentation

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I've been building my platform with the release of my non-fiction book in Arcadia Publishing's Images of America Series entitled GHOSTS AND MURDERS OF MANHATTAN.   I also launched a blog inspired by the company I founded, Ghosts, Murders, and Mayhem Walking Tours of New York City.

I'm currently in the final editing stage of my first nove, THE BURNING PAST:

Broadway-bound actress, Allie Cole must confront her guilt from the twisted past lifetimes she shared with the serial killer now stalking her.

I'm also working a on play based on the famous murder of Harvey Burdell on Bond Street in 1857 New York City.